Mouth Cancer Awareness Week

Mouth cancer has the worst survival rates of all cancers.Less than 50% of patients survive more than 5 years after diagnosis because of the difficulty in detecting oral cancer early.

Mouth Cancer Awareness Week, 11 - 17 November, is encouraging British people to take better care of their oral health and have regular check-ups at the dentist to ensure early detection of any changes that may be occurring in their mouth.

HSF health plan, a not-for-profit cash plan, can help combat the growing costs of regular dental check-ups and treatment by offering low cost health schemes, which can be used to reimburse your dental costs.

During Mouth Cancer Awareness Week, 11 - 17 November, HSF health plan will be donating £5 to the Mouth Cancer Foundation for every new contributor joining one of its schemes.

37% of British people admitted to delaying vital dental checks either because they could not afford them or begrudged paying such high charges.HSF health plan’s Primary Scheme covers dental check ups and treatment from just £6.00 per month, which can really help to increase the number of cases detected early. 

Stephen Duff of HSF health plan says, “Regular dental check ups are key to helping detect mouth cancer at an early stage. Our cost-effective health plans encourage contributors and their families to visit their dentist more often, improving the health of their teeth and perhaps even saving them from serious health problems such as mouth cancer.”

The Hospital Saturday Fund (HSF) provides health cash plans ranging in cost from £1.00 to £12.00 per week providing money towards everyday medical expenses depending on the scheme chosen.

Every HSF health plan also provides hospital, recuperation and day case surgery benefits.



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Mouth Cancer Awareness Week
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