Mount Stuart Hospital support The Big Seaside Family Fun Day

A group of 6 friends locally last year decided to make a difference. Each were fortunate enough to witness the love, care & support Rowcroft gives to loved ones when they need it most. From this they decided to offer support in terms of fundraising. This helped contributions, last year, to raise £5.7m but it costs Rowcroft £8.3m caring for our friends and families. So much work is needed and every little helps.

So again this year they have dedicated their time to The Big Seaside Family Fun Day in Aid of Rowcroft, for Sunday 27th August 2017 at Young's Park Goodrington. Last year this event helped raise over £14,000!!

Mount Stuart Hospital in Torquay is proud to be supporting "The Big Seaside Family Fun Day" in aid of Rowcroft this year. They will be there on the day to promote their Safer Skin Campaign which will also include:

· Mini Health Consultations

· Cosmetic Consultations

· Medki8 Products

They will also have a competition with prizes of the retro game ‘Operation’. If you have a steady hand and fancy a go visit them on the day to play the oversized Operation Game.

Mount Stuart Hospital will also be donating to the raffle:

• A Health Screen worth £280

• A Medki8 Facial Peel worth £50

Please support this event and Mount Stuart Hospital look forward to seeing you all there for a fantastic cause.


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Mount Stuart Hospital support The Big Seaside Family Fun Day

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