More young adults experience 'extreme dental anxiety'

More young adults experience 'extreme dental anxiety' than their older counterparts, it has been revealed.

The latest Adult Dental Health Survey from 2009 revealed that 15 per cent of people in the 16 to 24 and 25 to 34 age brackets feel terrified of visiting the dentist.

Meanwhile, just nine per cent of adults over the age of 85 shared the emotion.

Overall, 12 per cent of adults were classified as having the anxiety.

Women are more likely to be affected, with 18 per cent claiming to feel the fear compared to ten per cent of men.

The research found that the nation's dental health appears to be improving.

Indeed, in 1978 28 per cent of England's adult population had no natural teeth, but this had fallen to just six per cent in 2009.

Furthermore, 61 per cent of adults said that they visited their dentist for regular check ups.


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More young adults experience 'extreme dental anxiety'