More obese people than starving people

There has been a huge rise in demand for people seeking obesity surgery.

BMI Healthcare bariatric surgeon Mr Roger Ackroyd claims that back in 2001 he had just eight obesity surgery patients – compared with over 400 procedures he conducted last year.

He witnessed a BMI Healthcare believes that this 350% increase in patient intake is not just due to unhealthy food choices and an unhealthy lifestyle, but also down to poor portion control and yo-yo dieting.

Roger Ackroyd commented: "The figures are shocking. There are more dangerously obese people in the world (over 1 billion) than there are people starving (800,000,000).

“It is expanding exponentially each year and is very much about our social culture with children no longer playing football and climbing trees, but playing computer games and parents driving their children to school.

“Many people take to dieting, which only exacerbates weight gain as it slows down metabolism, so while people may find it relatively easy to lose weight, they can't keep weight off long-term.”

He explained that people also need to change their eating behaviour as poor portion control can be partly blamed for the obesity crisis.



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More obese people than starving people