Moobs, Simon Cowells and Mandles driving male cosmetic surgery boom

We’ve heard of the cosmetic surgery op for ‘moobs’, or male boobs, but now removal of ‘Simon Cowells’, which is modern day rhyming slang for jowls, and the removal of ‘mandles’ – male love handles - are the ops that are now more popular than ever. 

The demand for male surgery is in part being driven by long working hours and work stress, according to UK cosmetic surgery provider, The Harley Medical Group.  An audit of the most common career choices amongst the UK’s burgeoning male cosmetic surgery market revealed that some punishing careers appear to be taking their toll on British males, who are now seeking the help of the UK’s leading surgeons to turn back the clock.

The audit, carried out by The Harley Medical Group, which has carried out more than 55,000 procedures on British males and reports a 26% year-on-year increase in male surgery, reveals that male patients over the last 12 months are predominantly from four career areas:

 1. Bankers and city workers

2. Civil Service (teachers and social workers)

3. Politics, Public affairs and local councils

4. Professional Services – legal and accountancy

Mr Frati, Surgeon, The Harley Medical Group comments, “The bad diets, punishing hours and stress that often goes hand in hand with these types of professions make men prime candidates for premature aging.  We’re not surprised to a trend emerge for professions most likely to opt for surgery as the side-effects of a punishing job can cause the loss of skin elasticity and encourage build up of stubborn fat in key areas.”

Liposuction on ‘mandles’ (male love handles) and ‘moobs’, face lifts including mini-face lifts to improve the jowls, or ‘Simon Cowells’, are amongst the most popular male procedures in 2009.  Rhinoplasty & otoplasty are also popular; particularly amongst male cosmetic surgery patients aged 25-35.  ‘Boytox’ – Botox for men – continues to be very popular, up 12% year on year. 

Top Procedures


% increase in 2009

Moobs – Male Breast Reduction

from £4,075


Simon Cowells – Mini Face Lift

from £4,610


Man Handle Surgery - Liposuction

from £2,965


Rhinoplasty / Otoplasty

From £3,755 / £2,445



From £240


All patients considering cosmetic surgery should ensure that their surgeon is trained and registered in the GMC Specialist Register as a Plastic Surgeon and ensure that their first consultation is carried out by a medical professional. All consultations at The Harley Medical Group are carried out by a fully qualified Cosmetic Surgery Nurse Counsellor.  The Harley Medical Group has been established for 25 years and has 26 clinics in the UK. 



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Moobs, Simon Cowells and Mandles driving male cosmetic surgery boom
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