Middle-aged men opting for cosmetic surgery

A growing number of middle-aged men are recognising the benefits of cosmetic surgery, the Harley Medical Group has revealed.

Figures show that there has been an increase of more than 140 per cent in the number of men opting for cosmetic surgery over the last five years, with procedures such as liposuction and eye bag removal proving popular.

Nearly a quarter of all surgical procedures performed on men in their 50s involve liposuction, the cosmetic surgery group revealed, while 14 per cent select face lifts.

Rhinoplasty (11 per cent), tummy tucks (eight per cent) and neck lifts (seven per cent) are also popular choices, showing that men are becoming increasingly reluctant to let their age show.

Liz Dale, director of the Harley Medical Group, commented: "Liposuction is the most popular procedure, accounting for 24 per cent of procedures amongst this group.

"Amount of fat removed can range from 50mls to three litres, or the equivalent of more than six pints," she revealed.

Ms Dale stressed that liposuction should not be viewed as a quick solution to weight gain and recommended that it should only be used in the case of "stubborn fat".


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Middle-aged men opting for cosmetic surgery
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