Mental health 'can be improved with work'

A mental health professional has suggested that employment and work are beneficial for people's mental health.

Andy Bell, deputy chief executive of the Centre for Mental Health, said: "What isn't really understood is that actually work is incredibly good for your mental health.

"Being unemployed and out of work is incredibly bad for your mental health. It can have as negative an effect on your life expectancy as smoking and being obese."

A recent study from the charity Scope revealed that Britons are largely in favour of people with disabilities being helped in the workplace.

Indeed, 91 per cent of those surveyed said that they believed that disabled people should have the same opportunities as everyone.

Earlier this year, a report from Turning Point revealed that the biggest cause of depression is money, with over half of people questioned claiming that financial issues had affected their mental health.


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Mental health 'can be improved with work'
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