Mental health 'can be improved by early retirement'

Recent research has suggested that taking early retirement can have a positive impact on mental health.

Conducted by Dr Hugo Westerlund and his team at Stockholm University, the study looked at over 14,000 employees of France's national grid.

Over the course of the study they saw the stress and fatigue levels of those who retired earlier fall.

But there were no physical health benefits recorded by the report.

Dr Westerlund commented on the findings: "What this research tells us is that we need to do something about the working life itself and change it to accommodate older people if they are to work for longer and in good health."

A substantial drop was recorded in mental and physical fatigue after retirement, while depression showed a smaller but still significant decline among people who stopped working.

Earlier this year, the coalition government confirmed that the default retirement age of 65 in the UK is to be scrapped


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Mental health 'can be improved by early retirement'