Medical bills of up to £250,000

Travellers without adequate insurance can incur medical bills up to £250,000, says Europ Assistance.

In 2010 the insurer paid out for:

  • A heart attack victim brought home after spending two weeks in intensive care in Thailand - £30,000
  • A traveller with a lung clot in Australia needed a doctor and nurse escorted repatriation - £27,000
  • A holidaymaker with two broken legs needed stretcher repatriation - £13,000
  • A stroke victim in Mauritius had a doctor accompany them on their return flight - £9,700

Extreme or severe injuries or illness can lead to medical bills of up to £250,000 and without the right cover you will be liable to pay. Europ Assistance handled more than 3000 medical cases and 250 escorted repatriations last year, bringing sick and injured people home.


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Medical bills of up to £250,000
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