Medbelle and Bodyset partner to connect primary and secondary care

Medbelle is partnering with Bodyset to combine their strengths in digital health to fix the deficit of communication between physiotherapists and surgeons. It has long been known that the transition into secondary care is not fit for purpose. Their partnership aims to do away with the commonly heard complaints; ‘impossible to reach secretaries, confused patients unsure where to turn, opaque pricing’. An integrated system to improve patient care and communication between surgeons and physiotherapists is a big step in healthcare. 

Bridging the gap between physiotherapy and surgery is no easy task, it is currently a very patchy network of incorrect referrals, inconsistent follow-ups and a lack of communication between many parties.  

As a secondary care network of leading UK surgeons, Medbelle shares values and vision with Bodyset, a UK network of highly trained and experienced physiotherapists, who are also equally adept in digital technology. Their collaboration aims to put patients back in the centre of the process and will be available for all patients with any musculoskeletal condition. These benefits include access to virtual and face to face appointments with both physiotherapists and surgeons, a comprehensive diagnostic package, and seamless referrals and communication between both parties via a dedicated digital platform. All this with centralisation of information through one point of contact, a patient care adviser dedicated to supporting each patient through their journey.

“We want to be able to offer our clients access to fantastic care and exemplary patient support. That’s why we’re delighted to partner with Medbelle, to offer our private patients a smooth, end-to-end service that seamlessly integrates physiotherapy and orthopaedic surgery.  
With a unique blend of scientific, technological and customer service expertise, we are committed to redefining what great patient care looks like. We’re excited to deliver this new offering to our patients, and we look forward to a high-tech future with Medbelle.” 

Joshua Catlett CEO Bodyset

“Connecting physiotherapists and consultants through technology means patients can get better care and improved outcomes quicker.”

Dan Howcroft, Chief Medical Officer, Medbelle

By connecting physiotherapists and surgeons digitally on one integrated platform, referrals between the two are streamlined and simplified, notes on both sides are accessible, and transfer of care between primary and secondary care becomes seamless. Medbelle and Bodyset can now work collaboratively to raise the standard of healthcare for patients and provide a better patient experience.

“We’re really excited by this partnership. It represents the start of our ambitious plans to offer care that is simpler, personalised and patient-focused. In Bodyset, we know we have found a great partner that shares our values and vision for the future of healthcare. Connecting physiotherapists and consultants through technology means patients can get better care and improved outcomes quicker. This integration also means sharing our learned experiences and knowledge to continually push improvements for patients, physiotherapists, surgeons, and support the healthcare industry.”

Dan Howcroft, Chief Medical Officer, Medbelle

Bodyset enjoys a thriving business with over 25 clinics in the UK, offering high-quality care and a focus on providing unbeatable customer care. This has only been made possible by Bodyset’s use of technological innovation. Both Bodyset and Medbelle believe this to be the key to redefining how great patient care will look into the future. The collaboration between our two companies is exciting, seeing technology bridge the gap between surgeons and physiotherapists to create an improved patient experience.


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Medbelle and Bodyset partner to connect primary and secondary care.

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