Macrolane boosts breasts for festive season

Women who want to boost their assets but are reluctant to have breast implants should consider Macrolane, according to the Private Clinic in Harley Street.

Dubbed the 'Lunchtime Boob Job', Macrolane is a new bust-enhancing injection that can be used for reshaping, volume restoration and body contouring.

It was developed by Restylane manufacturer Q-Med and contains a natural protein substance called Hyaluronic Acid, which can be injected to target the breasts or buttocks.

Dr Dennis Wolf, a cosmetic doctor at the Private Clinic, revealed that the treatment is minimally invasive and only requires a local anaesthetic.

He explained: "With the patient fully awake this enables us to discuss with them where they require extra volume to their breasts and no downtime is involved."

"With the festive season fast approaching, this is an ideal treatment for those wanting immediate results without the recuperation time needed in cosmetic surgery."

Treatments with Macrolane last for between one and two years and annual top-up injections are recommended for those wanting to retain their enhanced appearance.


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Macrolane boosts breasts for festive season