LV= paid 95% of claims in 2011

In 2011, LV= paid out 95% of protection claims, including 91% of income protection claims, 88% of critical illness claims, and 100% of life assurance claims.

Fewer than 2% of income protection claims and 3% of critical illness claims were rejected as a result of non-disclosure.

LV= paid out over £12 million in income protection claims (up 3% on 2010), nearly £10 million in critical illness claims (up 7% on 2010), and more than £28 million on life assurance claims in 2011.

The average age of an income protection claimant is 45.

The average age of a critical illness claimant is 47.

Mental disorders are the most common reason for an income protection claim (31%). The average annual benefit for an income protection claim is £16,568, paying out for an average of just over seven years.

Cancer is the most common reason for a critical illness claim (61%). The average critical illness claim was £70,098.


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LV= paid 95% of claims in 2011
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