Lubiju pioneers dental implant treatment

Dr Biju Krishnan and his business partner Dr Lubino do Rego have revealed they leading the way in fitting permanent dentures at their high-tech dental practice, Lubiju.

Advances in technology have now made it possible to adapt dental implants in order to hold lower dentures firmly and securely in place, according to the dentists.

The treatment is typically for patients who wear lower denture plates for six to 14 teeth and costs around £1,500.

Dr Krishnan described it as "life-changing for those people who live with constant irritation of loose dentures".

He continued: "Because of our expertise, patients come in for the treatment under local anesthetic and walk out two hours later with their problems solved. It really is that simple."

For patients with needle phobias, the Lubiju practice is also pioneering a blend of onsite therapeutic treatments including massage and hypnotherapy to ease patients into the treatment.

Dr Biju and Dr do Rego have a successful record in dentistry and have already worked in the Dental Implant Centre and the Drake Dental Practice.


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Lubiju pioneers dental implant treatment
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