London Medical launches new diabetes care plan

London Medical is delighted to announce the launch of a new personalised Diabetes Care Plan that looks set to revolutionise the diabetes care market and improve the standard of care available for patients.   The aim of the new programme is to offer affordable and accessible care packages as an alternative to the current NHS offering, which is under pressure due to the alarming rise in the condition in the UK.

The London Diabetes Care Plan provides a different approach to the management and care of diabetes, with personalised treatment plans individually tailored to each patient’s needs – not defined by Government or central guidelines. The continuous care scheme offers patients constant support in managing their diabetes, as well as access to the latest in education and technological developments in diabetes and obesity management.  

A dedicated expert team has been brought on board at London Diabetes to support patients in the Diabetes Care Plan, headed up by Dr Eva Palik,  consultant diabetologist and lipid specialist. Patients will benefit from complete care within a single location, with access to a wider in-house team including dieticians, diabetes specialist nurses, podiatrist, psychologists, cardiologists and ophthalmologists.

The Care Plan will be available at London Diabetes - a specialised diabetes centre based within the London Medical clinic, with a 20 year history of delivering patient care for people with diabetes.  London Diabetes has designed a patient “route map” outlining a number of options for people to access the new Care Plan, including a:

Primary entry point for initial assessments and medical tests to assess risks

Secondary entry point for those with an existing diagnosis to gain a second opinion. 

Depending on the results of these initial assessments, patients may be invited to join the care plan.   The objective is to provide affordable pricing and payment options, with no hidden costs.  As such, there will be two options for payment; either a “one-off” payment of £2,000 or a monthly payment plan with a cost of £100 (for 17 months), and a joining fee of £500 (£2,200).

A new survey commissioned by London Diabetes to explore the needs of Type 2 diabetes patients found that two thirds (66%) of Type 2 diabetes patient feel there is room for improvement in the management and understanding of their condition. 83% of patients surveyed would like to have contact more than once a year with a health care professional to help manage their condition. Moreover, almost a third (33%) of patients would be prepared to pay for an improved level of care.

David Briggs, General Manager at London Medical comments, “The Diabetes Care Plan is a totally new concept, offering access to the highest level of care for a minimal cost.  We have researched this launch very carefully, taking into consideration factors such as the pressure faced by the NHS from the UK’s ageing population and the associated rise in conditions such as diabetes and the lack of cover for chronic conditions from PMIs.  As a result, it was clear that a gap exists in the market to introduce a well-designed, care plan solution for patients, similar to the successful dental market model.  We have ambitious plans for the programme and have designed a scalable model that can be rolled out nationally and internationally.

“Private healthcare has long been perceived as exclusive and expensive, and this is an exciting opportunity for an independent provider such as London Medical to lead the way in creating a new type of service for patients.”  

Dr Ralph Abraham, Medical Director at London Medical comments, “We have a strong heritage in diabetes at London Medical, having pioneered and delivered personalised expert care for over 20 years.   Our clinical expertise is outstanding in the field and we’re delighted to be able to develop this new model to enable even more patients to benefit from the most advanced treatments and technology available at London Medical.”   

Dr Eva Palik, diabetologist and lipid specialist comments, “Type 2 diabetes is a complex condition and patients face a number challenges in managing it and minimising the impact on their quality of life.  It’s exciting to be involved in an initiative that offers such a supportive and comprehensive care package. By offering patients more regular contact with the care team, in terms of both practical advice, education and support, we’re confident that we will help people achieve better outcomes for their health.”

For further details, download a copy of the new London Diabetes Care Plan at



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