Laser liposuction launches in UK

A new laser liposuction procedure is now available in the UK after the successful completion of trials in Kent.

Laser Lipo is being offered at the Heath House Clinic in Kent and is designed to reduce unwanted fat without pain or discomfort, and without the need for either a local or general anaesthetic.

Two laser paddles are placed on the treatment area while smaller probe lasers are placed over lymphatic glands.

The system is then switched on for a matter of minutes before being moved to another area, followed by ten minutes on a vibration plate machine to break down the fat cells.

The cells are then removed via the lymphatic system and processed in the same way as fatty foods.

Trials show that patients can expect to lose between 0.5 and three inches and a recommended course of eight treatments currently costs £1,000.


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Laser liposuction launches in UK
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