Knee surgery eliminated by new treatment for ankle injuries

Knee surgery could be avoided with the latest innovation in ankle repair and treatment.

Traditional treatments for an ankle injury often involve removing a section of knee cartilage to insert over the ankle lesion.

However, a new innovative technique called autologous chondorcyte implantation (ACI) eliminates the need for knee surgery by removing cartilage cells from either the knee or ankle and growing them in a lab.

Another new method is matrix-induced autologous chondrocyte implantation (MACI) where cells are grown on a matrix and then transplanted back.

Dr Mitchell commented: "Both ACI and MACI show a lot of promise, but I think the advantage of Maci is that an osteotomy is not necessary in order to successfully implant the matrix. You only need to make an incision to place the graft, which decreases the morbidity of the procedure quite a bit."

The process involves cutting into the bone of the tibia in a process that is known as osteotomy.


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Knee surgery eliminated by new treatment for ankle injuries
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