Knee surgery could benefit from new procedure

Knee surgery could be revolutionised by a new procedure that may be used to treat patients with damaged knee cartilage.

This is due to a recent study which has established the effectiveness of a biodegradable tool or trufit 'plug', which can be used to plug the damaged area of cartilage in the knee.

Using the latest innovations in technology, serial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and quantitative T2 mapping, scientists were able to identify the mechanism that leads to the 'plug' becoming embedded within the knee.

Dr Asheesh Bedi, fellow in sports medicine and shoulder surgery at Hospital for Special Surgery, commented: "The data has been encouraging to support further evaluation of this synthetic scaffold as a cartilage repair technique."

"What we found was that the plug demonstrated a predictable process of maturation on imaging studies that paralleled the biology of their incorporation."

Cartilage is a connective tissue made up of chondrocyte cells that produce extracellular matrix to form a dense property


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Knee surgery could benefit from new procedure
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