It is vital to increase cervical cancer awareness

Many women are missing the chance to get crucial early cancer treatment as cervical screening numbers hit a ten-year low.

According to Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust many women miss or delay tests because of work commitments, while others are unaware of the causes, symptoms and ways to prevent the cancer.

Some women even believe that the screening is not relevant to them, but the disease is primarily caused by the human papillomavirus, which is transferable as soon as people begin having intimate relationships.

"The more we can do to stress the importance of this life-saving test the better," said Robert Music, the trust's director.

He added that each day in the UK, eight women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and three lives are lost to the disease.

Cervical Screening Awareness Week currently is under way and a new advertising campaign will also be launched to improve awareness with promotional activity in major city centres. 



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It is vital to increase cervical cancer awareness
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