Investigate the cause of your illness quickly with London Imaging Centre

London Imaging Centre have recently introduced a new service, aimed at helping anyone suffering from pain or illness as quickly as possible.

Within 24 hours of an enquiry, symptomatic patients can have a telephone call from a Consultant Specialist to identify appropriate investigations. If a patient is referred for further test(s), a follow up discussion to explain the results and advise on treatment options is arranged (inclusive in the service – one off fee of £100*).

The most common patient complaint that needs investigating is pain. The consultant conducting telephone consultation has a special interest in pain, as well as general medical overview.

Dr Sean White, a consultant who delivers telephone consultation service at London Imaging Centre, shares his views on the service: "Telephone consulting is fast and efficient. It works because the patient can have a discussion with an experienced doctor, organised quickly and without the need to leave home when they are feeling in pain or unwell. If the problem is straight forward, then the most appropriate investigation can be requested and an appointment booked, there and then. If during this conversation, it turns out that the problem is complicated, then the patient will be advised and redirected appropriately, to find a solution

The patients that do go on to have an investigation, have the reassurance of a further conversation with the same doctor to explain the results as soon as they are available and advised on a treatment plan. In this way the problem is understood and the next steps can be taken to put the problem right." For more information regarding this service, visit London Imaging Centre’s website.

*This fee is for one phone consultation and follow-up consultation. It does not cover the cost of any additional investigations or treatment. Consultation prices can be subject to change if the Consultant requires further initial investigation.


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Investigate the cause of your illness quickly with London Imaging Centre

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