Insurer cuts illness claim times

An initiative by Norwich Union Life to cut end-to-end times for illness claims has reduced previous waiting periods by up to two weeks, the insurer has revealed.

The approach is being used for critical and terminal illness claims and involves patients taking the responsibility for GP response times, rather than the insurance company itself.

Norwich Union Life's claims team manager, Sarah Butler, said that an insurer's ability to process claims quickly was dependent on the doctor's speed of response.

"So now, we are giving our customer the choice to take the medical report form to their doctor directly," she said, explaining that busy GPs are likely to react better to a patient than an insurance company.

"Our hunch has proved correct and, as a result, the time it takes to get the form back has been cut by a third, which means nearly 14 days fewer in the longest cases," Ms Butler revealed.

"And despite the onus being placed on the claimant, we have found that no-one feels it is an imposition when they know that their claim will be resolved more quickly as a result," she added.


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Insurer cuts illness claim times
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