'Huge difference' made with early cancer diagnosis

Diagnosing cancer earlier can make "a huge difference" for patients.

This is the view of Ciaran Devane, chief executive at Macmillan Cancer Support.

Mr Devane welcomed plans to change the way in which the health services deal with possible cancer patients as recently announced by health secretary Andrew Lansley.

GPs will be allowed to refer patients with possible cancer symptoms directly for checks, bypassing the need to make an appointment with a hospital specialist first, Mr Lansley confirmed.

However, Mr Devane noted: "It would be wrong to only focus on increasing survival rates without putting equal funding and care into ensuring appropriate long-term care is in place for cancer survivors."

Cancer Research UK revealed earlier this month that the disease is the biggest fear among Brits.

Despite this, the majority of people claimed that they believe diagnosis with cancer is down to fate and there is nothing they can do to improve their chances of avoiding the disease.


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'Huge difference' made with early cancer diagnosis
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