Hospital Group unveils new dental veneers

A revolutionary new dental veneer procedure is now being offered by the Hospital Group, one of the UK's leading private hospital groups.

The new procedure from NuSmile provides a pain-free route to achieving the perfect smile, requiring no anaesthetic or uncomfortable drilling.

Made from porcelain as thin as a contact lens, the veneers are applied to the front of the patient's existing teeth, helping to correct chipped, cracked, misshaped, misaligned and discoloured teeth.

One of the first patients to undergo the procedure, Bal Singh, commented: "My friends and family can't believe how good my teeth look now, especially when I told them the whole process only took one hour and 20 minutes and with no pain."

In addition, the Hospital Group said that the veneers, which are attached using a strong bonding agent, rarely lead to sensitivity, which is a common problem with traditional veneers.

Consumers are increasingly opting to buy cosmetic dentistry, according to the British Dental Health Foundation, which claims that the procedures have become "part and parcel of health and beauty in the UK".


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Hospital Group unveils new dental veneers
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