Hormone linked to dementia in women

Psychiatric care may be improved by a new discovery made by scientists in the US.

Researchers at the Lipid Metabolism Laboratory, Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, Tufts University, Boston found that a hormone derived from visceral fat could play a role in the onset of Alzheimer's disease and all-cause dementia in women.

The doctors observed a relationship between insulin resistance and the development of the mental condition and believe it could be the presence of a hormone called adiponectin which is responsible.

Dr Thomas van Himbergen, who worked on the study, explained that insulin signalling and dementia are linked and as a result, adiponectin should offer additional protection against the onset of the disease.

"Our data, however, indicate that elevated adiponectin level was associated with an increased risk of dementia and AD in women," he said.

It is estimated by Alzheimer's Research UK that there are currently 820,000 people living with dementia in Britain.


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Hormone linked to dementia in women
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