Health industry employers don't care about st

A staggering 56 per cent of employees working in the health industry believe that their employer doesn’t care how stressed they are at work, according to the results of a new independent survey commissioned by healthcare provider HealthSure.

Unsurprisingly, work-related stress continues to increase in the health industry and remains one of the biggest issues facing employers in the modern working environment.  Work-related stress now accounts for more than one third of all new incidences of ill health with each case leading to an average loss of 30.9 working days.

Some element of pressure is part and parcel of work and helps to keep performance and motivation high, but excessive pressure can lead to stress, which undermines performance and can take its toll on physical and mental well-being resulting in a range of health problems.

James Glover, member services director at HealthSure comments: “Dealing with stress in the health industry is a difficult issue for employers who can sometimes be genuinely unsure about what to do for the best.  Nonetheless, it is very worrying to see that such a high percentage of employees don’t think that their employer cares about how stressed they are.

“It is important that employers understand the detrimental effect that stress-related sickness absence can have on a business and why they should look after the health and well-being of one of their most valuable assets.”

HealthSure understands that stress can be a minefield for employers in the health industry who are bombarded with information from a wide range of sources.

To make things easier, it has launched Stress: Work it Out - a no nonsense plain English campaign that gives conscientious line managers all the information that they need to know in a clear, concise and easy to digest way. 



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Health industry employers don't care about st
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