There are rumours that Kate Middleton has had cosmetic dentistry in preparation for her public role.

The bride-to-be of Prince William is rumoured to be having treatment from Harley Street cosmetic dentist Dr Didier Fillion, the Daily Mail reported.

Dr Tif Qureshi of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry told the paper that it appears that Kate has been secretly wearing braces to improve the alignment of her teeth.

In addition to these removable or invisible braces, she is also thought to have undergone teeth whitening procedures.

Dr Qureshi told the paper: "It looks as though she's had some whitening treatment and tooth edge augmentation to make her teeth all the correct length.

"Bleaching treatments cost typically between £300 and £600."

Kate has also been toning up and losing weight in the run up to her wedding, due to take place later this month.

The media has surmised that she could have dropped two dress sizes from her earlier curvy but athletic size ten frame.



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