Grant offered for cancer treatment

A £5 million grant has been given to an international consortium of scientists led by the Cancer Research UK's London Research Institute to further studies into personalised kidney cancer treatment.

The money was granted by the European Union so that the team can identify gene targets for personalised treatment.

In order to identify which genes regulate cancer cell growth in a low oxygen environment, the researchers will screen the entire gene set in kidney cancer patients.

This will allow them to gain a better understanding of how cancer cells respond to drugs blocking growth of blood vessels to tumours.

Dr Charles Swanton, head of Translational Cancer Therapeutics at the institute, is leading the scientific section of the consortium along with Zoltan Szallasi at the Danish Technical University.

"This exciting opportunity means clinicians and scientists across several European centres of excellence can work together to find ways to match kidney cancer patients with the treatments that will work best for them," said Dr Swanton.



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Grant offered for cancer treatment
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