Good diet important for mental health

Care UK has highlighted the fact that a good diet is very important for people suffering from some form of dementia.

Karen Morrison, head of service design for residential care services at Care UK, said that the following a healthy diet will help those struggling with dementia to ward off other health problems.

"Eating too little or missing out on essential nutrients will reduce resistance to illness and may also increase confusion," she added.

"A good intake of fluids is also essential, as being well-hydrated can assist in the reduction of some of the symptoms such as agitation, confusion and restlessness."

The comments follow research conducted by Care UK, which involved providing staff with training days to help them understand how people with dementia experience the world.

Staff have their senses and movement dulled for a day, using blurred glasses and gloves, for example, so that they can understand the daily difficulties faced by older, frail people with dementia.



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Good diet important for mental health
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