Free obesity surgery with The Weight Loss Surgery Group

One lucky WLS Group patient will win the cost of their weight loss surgery back in full and therefore receive free weight loss surgery with The WLS Group, including 3 years of aftercare.

All patients that have a gastric band, gastric bypass or gastric sleeve in the UK or Belgium between 1st March and 31st December 2011 will be entered into a prize draw taking place on 1st January 2012.

At The Weight Loss Surgery Group (WLS) they understand how important the decision is to have weight loss surgery, which is why they are committed to helping you all the way through your weight loss surgery journey with information, care and that special attention. With vast experience in helping patients make the right choice for them, WLS is dedicated to find the new you.

WLS is committed to provide you with a comprehensive programme of care that differs from other providers in the UK. They have built an excellent reputation amongst industry experts and patients alike as leaders in patient aftercare.

The primary focus is to give you a ‘gold standard’, patient focused, quality, value for money service by giving you the support, knowledge and skills to work with the surgical procedure you have chosen to have.

Feel safe in the hands of their specialist multidisciplinary team. Learn how to achieve the best weight loss results from your surgery, and the secrets of long term success.

Their surgery portfolio includes gastric banding, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and conversion surgery in the UK or Belgium and all packages include 3 years of aftercare. They also provide aftercare only for patients that have had surgery elsewhere. To find out more come and visit

The rules of the prize draw comply with The Gambling Act and CAP Codes. Read more...

Please refer all enquiries regarding the prize draw to Michelle Bowater, Managing Director of WLS Group.


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Free obesity surgery with The Weight Loss Surgery Group
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