Eyes reveal personality traits

Ditching glasses in favour of laser eye surgery can open up people's faces to many interpretations, a recent poll has shown.

According to the survey from laser eye surgery specialist Ultralase, 55 per cent of people were found to be more likely to use a person's eyes to read their inner most thoughts and feelings.

The survey used celebrity faces as examples of how the positioning of the eyes can affect the way in which other people read them.

Eyes set close together, such as those of Ant & Dec, are indicative of trust and discretion, while eyes set further apart, like those of Richard Branson, are thought to portray loyalty and tolerance.

Jon Hughes, a director of Ultralase, commented: "If you are showing off your eyes in the New Year by ditching the glasses, as thousands of people will do as they seek to make a dramatic life change, then it makes sense to at least understand what we could unwittingly be communicating to people, no matter how subtle!"

Ultralase used 'personologists' to uncover the traits attributed to the eyes.


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Eyes reveal personality traits
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