Dual therapy effective in pancreatic cancer trials

Pancreatic cancer treatment could make use of combination therapy to totally eradicate tumour cells in the future.

A new report from Cancer Research UK's Cambridge Research Institute showed that combining abraxane and gemcitabine had surprising effects. Gemcitabine is a drug that can effectively inhibit cancer growth, but tumour cells respond by secreting an enzyme which stops the drug from working.

However, if the drug is used in partnership with abraxane the enzyme is no longer able to reduce the effectiveness of gemcitabine.

Study author professor David Tuveson, said the research answers a lot of medical questions.

"Scientists faced a real conundrum. They knew that one plus one equalled much more than two, but they couldn't fathom out the reasons why these drugs worked so well together," he explained.

According to the charity, pancreatic cancer is the tenth-most common form of the disease in the UK.


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Dual therapy effective in pancreatic cancer trials
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