Dentists can trigger oral cancer treatment

Many Britons could begin mouth cancer treatment after a visit to their dentist, it has been claimed.

Dr Lara Bennett, science communication manager at the Association for International Cancer Research, explained tooth experts have an "important role" to play in the detection of the disease.

She said dentists are capable of spotting the signs of mouth cancer, which include ulcers and persistent pain.

Cancer Research UK recently noted the number of cases of the illness diagnosed each year has passed 6,000 for the first time.

Dr Bennett went on to suggest there are many reasons to attend regular check-ups, not least because of the potential for cancer to be found.

However, those who suspect they have an issue are advised to head to a doctor first, with the expert stating: "If someone is worried they may have oral cancer AICR recommends they visit their GP rather than their dentist. 



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Dentists can trigger oral cancer treatment
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