Dental implant range on offer

A dental implant range is on offer in the UK, which could cut costs for patients.

Willie Jack, clinical director of d2d Endodontics, said that his firm offered "implant systems that are tried and tested and are of the highest quality".

Euroteknika is the latest implant range and has been specifically created to ensure that implants and the other cosmetic dentistry components are compatible with "most of the currency leading implant systems".

The system costs around £1,500 per tooth, which Mr Jack believes is another reason for people to consider dental treatment in the UK before going abroad.

"UK dentists work under stringent legal requirements - unlike dentists practicing in other countries," he said.

"Many people travelling abroad do not also calculate the number of return trips they need."

Mr Jack cited figures suggesting that one in five UK adults are missing at least ten of their teeth, while more than one in eight has no teeth.


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Dental implant range on offer
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