Countdown to cosmetic surgery

Preparing your body for cosmetic surgery will make a big difference to your surgical experience and your recovery. Knowing that you have done everything right in preparation for a surgical procedure will also mean that you can face the procedure with absolute confidence and positivity and look forward to the experience.

Here is The Hospital Group’s countdown of what you should be doing in advance of having any cosmetic surgery procedure.

4 weeks before your operation

  • Stop smoking
  • If you have recently been prescribed antibiotics for chest or throat infections you will need to have finished the course at least 4 weeks before surgery

2 weeks before

  • For your own safety, you must not take any of the following at ANY TIME, two weeks prior to surgery: Aspirin, acohol, vitamin E Tablets.
  • These products dilate the blood vessels and could increase the risk of bleeding after surgery.

3 days before

  • You will have been advised by your Patient Care Co-ordinator that you will experience a certain amount of post-operative bruising over the treated area
  • Our experience shows that this bruising can be reduced considerably by the use of ARNICA 30 tablets

1 day before

  • Should you develop a cough, cold or flu symptoms prior to surgery contact your surgery provider to check whether you are able to come in
  • If you are currently taking medication of any kind, you will need to bring it with you

Day of surgery – pre-operative preparation

  • In order to prepare you for theatre, we will ask you to take a shower before putting on a gown
  • You will be able to use your own soap or shower gel; however you should not use any perfume, talcum powder or body lotion after you have washed as these products interact with the antiseptic used in theatre
  • We suggest bringing your own dressing gown and slippers for your walk up to theatre
  • Nail varnish and make up must also be removed to comply with our infection control regime
  • To ensure your safety during your procedure false nails and jewellery must be removed, including all piercings  

The Hospital Group offers all its patients free confidential advice prior to surgery, so that patients know exactly what to expect. You can meet with one of their top Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgeons in a network of 20+ clinics for an individual review.  Patients are also assigned their own Patient Care Coordinator, who is on hand throughout the experience to make the arrangements and offer advice before and after cosmetic surgery.

CEO David Ross said “We recognise that choosing cosmetic surgery is a big decision for our patients.  That’s why we have a team of experienced Patient Care Coordinators to help them every step of the way.  Patients need to understand the full risks and benefits of any procedure before booking in for surgery and our Patient Care Coordinators and Cosmetic Surgeons explain all aspects of surgery at the consultation.  This support continues after surgery, with our “Always With You” patient promise, part of our lifetime of free aftercare.” 


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Countdown to cosmetic surgery
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