Cosmetic surgery 'winning male fans'

An increasing number of men appear to be making use of cosmetic surgey to keep up their appearances.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has become one of the latest to undergo a hair transplant procedure to add to his thinning locks.

Ramsay follows hot on the heels of actor James Nesbitt. Mr Nesbitt has been so pleased with the results of his hair transplant surgery that he was keen to publicise the procedure.

Lee Kynaston, independent grooming adivser and editor for, told the National that men's reasons for cosmetic surgery are changing.

He explained that male cosmetic surgery procedures in the past were primarily to deal with vanity issues and attract women's attention.

However, nowadays people are choosing to have the treatments to impress bosses, clients and colleagues.

"They're doing it because looking old or simply showing the natural indicators of ageing, such as wrinkles or grey hair, will affect their perceived value in the workplace," said Mr Kynaston.


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Cosmetic surgery 'winning male fans'
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