Cosmetic surgery procedures 'boosted by celeb culture'

Openness about cosmetic surgery on the part of celebrities has inspired many people to undergo procedures, it has been claimed.

The Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group said that the willingness of famous people to discuss their experiences has made others more comfortable with the issue.

A spokeswoman for the organisation explained: "The celebrity culture naturally influences both men and women, whether that be on fashion, diets or lifestyle.

"Now that so many celebrities, male and female, are admitting to having surgery and openly talking about it, they've broken the taboo and made it more acceptable among the masses."

Earlier this week, a report from cosmetic surgery website revealed that men are becoming more conscious of their appearance.

More than four in ten of those polled said their partners have been responsible for the focus on their looks, while a fifth said celebrities are behind this trend.


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Cosmetic surgery procedures 'boosted by celeb culture'
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