Cosmetic surgery correction technique revealed

A new technique to perfect certain facial cosmetic surgery procedures has been introduced by a New York cosmetic surgeon cosmetic surgeon.

Dr Andrew Jacono claims that his procedure allows surgeons to correct problems in post-eyelid lift patients.

The cosmetic surgery expert claims that the two most common problems following the procedure are hollowed eyes and an unnatural, rounded eyelid shape.

These tend to result from using more traditional surgery techniques, the doctor claimed.

"Because of the intricate nature of this surgery, many doctors still use older techniques with higher rates of complication," said Dr Jacono

He added: "As a result, botched blepharoplasty [eye-lid surgery] is very common."

Dr Jacono explained how the new development could assist in these cases: "Not only will this new corrective technique restore the revived, youthful appearance they were originally seeking - it does so with no external incisions and no visible scarring."

The treatment involves releasing the scar tissue from inside the eyelid, thus pulling the lid back down.


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Cosmetic surgery correction technique revealed
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