Cosmetic dentistry effect 'improved by good oral hygiene'

The effects of cosmetic dentistry can be improved by good oral hygiene.

This is the view of Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation.

Dr Carter explained that cosmetic dentistry can be performed on anyone, but it is "not a sensible investment if your oral hygiene on a daily basis is not up to scratch".

"If you are not cleaning your teeth properly you will be more likely to suffer from gum disease which in time can cause the teeth to become loose and eventually be lost," the dentist explained.

"The appearance of any crowns and veneers which are provided will also be improved if your gums are in good condition."

The comments follow research from the NHS Information Centre, which found that 26 per cent of adults claim that their choice of dental treatment is influenced by cost.

Furthermore, 19 per cent claimed to have delayed treatment due to cost factors.



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Cosmetic dentistry effect 'improved by good oral hygiene'