Consider cancer when diagnosing young people

When it comes to diagnosing young people, the possibility of cancer treatment must not be ruled out, it has been claimed.

A survey by the Teenage Cancer Trust found that one in four sufferers had to visit their GP several times before being diagnosed, the BBC reports.

Many of the respondents stated that they thought their symptoms could have been recognised sooner.

Susan Rice, from the organisation, said it is imperative that young people seek medical advice as soon as possible if they notice a deterioration in their overall wellbeing.

"The job for the GP is to listen to these people and take them seriously," she told the news provider.

According to the charity, there needs to be increased coordination between the NHS, local authorities and voluntary groups to change young people's attitudes towards sun protection.

In its 2015 Skin Cancer Visions report, the body added that swimming instructors, physiotherapists and others who come into contact with people's skin need to be given better information on how to spot signs of skin cancer.


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Consider cancer when diagnosing young people
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