Combination cancer treatment proves effective in new trials

Cancer treatment is more effective when two molecules are targeted simultaneously.

This is the main conclusion from a new report by a group of scientists working at the University of California in San Francisco who saw how combination therapy could shrink tumours, stop metastasis and block invasion.

The researchers believe the findings could have wide implications for the treatment of a variety of cancers.

Donald McDonald who led the study said the results were promising.

"It's the combination of approaches - there's a synergy between the two. You add two and two and you get ten," he stated. 

The doctors used medication which is currently in development to target two proteins that have been cancer drug targets for many years. Both the c-MET and VEGF molecules hijack the body's normal metabolic processes and allow a tumour to grow.

It is hoped these results could expediate the development of the new drugs.


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Combination cancer treatment proves effective in new trials
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