Collaborative art project raises awareness of upper gastrointestinal surgery

Recognising a shared artistry in the surgery that he performs with the art work on the wall of the hospital foyer, Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeon Mr Ewen Griffiths formed 'A Turn for the Better', a collaborative art project between artist Anne Guest, himself and a group of patients recovering from treatment and surgery for oesophageal or gastric cancer, and their carers and relatives.

Since its inception, the Art Group has secured funding from the Arts Council England and has met up on multiple occasions. Some of the images and narratives on the Group's website are from diaries and records that the patients kept before, during and after their diagnosis and treatment. Other images and texts derive from a series of workshops with the artist where practical and emotional experiences were explored to enable her to make a permanent piece of work for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

The project's aim is to raise awareness of the innovative work that expert doctors perform and the difference it makes to peoples lives.

Read more about A Turn for the Better and view the project's artwork here.


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Collaborative art project raises awareness of upper gastrointestinal surgery

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