Children 'worry parents will need cancer treatment'

Children of smokers worry about the effects the habit is having on their parents, a Department of Health study has shown.

Nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) of kids questioned said they are concerned their mother or father may die as a result of diseases - such as cancer - contracted by smoking, while 94 per cent said they consider the habit to be either stupid or dangerous.

Over half (58 per cent) admitted they are worried about the risk of their smoking parent contracting heart disease and public health minister Anne Milton said it is clear "that children really want their parents to give up smoking".

"Around half of all regular smokers are eventually killed by a smoking related illness," she observed.

Chief executive of Action on Smoking & Health Deborah Arnott noted smokers may find it easier to quit "for the sake of their children or other members of their family", rather than for their own good.

Smoking can have wide-ranging health effects and Amanda Sandford of Action on Smoking and Health recently stated many women are not aware it can trigger early onset of the menopause.


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Children 'worry parents will need cancer treatment'
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