Future cancer treatment could be aided by a new discovery which will allow drugs to pass into cells much more effectively.

A team of scientists working at Duke University have identified a key molecule which could help reduce the side effects associated with chemotherapy.

Doctors explained that this will mean that new drugs may be designed that can enter cancer cells much more efficiently, meaning that people can be treated with lower doses.

"Healthy cells don't divide as often as tumour cells, so lowering the amount of drug given overall would be an effective approach to killing tumours while protecting patients," said senior author Seok-yong Lee.

According to Cancer Research UK, not all patients who develop cancer will be given chemotherapy and a patient's suitability depends on a number of factors including the type and grade of cancer, as well as the person's general health.

Side effects tend to be short-term and will vary depending on the type of drug used.



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Chemotherapy side effects to be reduced in the future?
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