Celebrity cosmetic surgery treatment available in UK

A new form of cosmetic surgery is now on offer in the UK.

The Velashape procedure has been used by various A-list celebrities but it is now on offer at clinics across the UK.

Jennifer Aniston and Madonna are just two women who have benefitted from the procedure, which focuses on the reduction of cellulite.

The treatment is non-surgical and the company claims that patients will see results after just one session.

Velashape works by targeting and heating up fatty tissues in the selected area.

These can then be manipulated in order to even out the skin and reveal a "smoother, tighter figure".

While patients may see instant benefits, the results will fade with time.

The enhanced appearance will be at its most visible around four weeks after the last treatment session.

All skin types can apply for the procedure which, among other things, can improve the appearance of cellulite, smooth hip shape, tighten stomachs and other areas of skin which may have sagged following weight loss or pregnancy.


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Celebrity cosmetic surgery treatment available in UK
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