Care homes should focus on 'exceptional care'

Care homes in both the public and the private sector should focus on providing their patients with "exceptional care".

This is the view of Paul Allen, chief executive of Abbeyfield, a charity dedicated to enhancing the lives of older people.

Mr Allen noted that while the NHS and the private sector operate under very different circumstances, this area is one in which their targets should be the same.

"For me this is not a question of private providers and the NHS competing with other to be 'better', but is about ensuring that older people are being treated and cared for in the most appropriate settings," he explained.

Mr Allen's remarks follow recent comments from Ann Abraham, health service ombudsman.

In a report from the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, Ms Abraham noted that the NHS is failing to treat older people with the care, compassion, dignity and respect they deserve.



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Care homes should focus on 'exceptional care'
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