Cancer treatment of advanced lung cancer could benefit from surgery

Cancer treatment of patients with an advanced form of non-small cell lung cancer with surgery is one of the options highlighted by a recent study.

It has long been debated whether patients with cancer that is at this stage would indeed benefit from surgery.

However, the study, which is published in the Lancet, found that individuals who have had a section of lung removed rather than the entire organ, were more likely to benefit from surgical procedures alongside radiation and chemotherapy.

Lead author Kathy Albain, lung and breast cancer specialist at Loyola University Health System's Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center, commented:"This the first study conducted in this group of patients where the only difference in the two groups of patients was the use of surgery.

"Another important finding of our study is that both groups of patients lived longer than previously reported for this stage of the disease.

"This highlights the importance of multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment, which all patients deserve."

In the developed world, smoking is the cause of 90 per cent of lung cancer deaths, while 87 per cent of lung cancer cases in the US are attributable to smoking.


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Cancer treatment of advanced lung cancer could benefit from surgery
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