Cancer threat 'fails to aid weight loss for some'

Many people in the UK are failing to heed the warning that being overweight increases their risks of developing cancer

A new Cancer Research UK study has revealed that two-thirds of overweight people lack the motivation to lose weight, even though they are fully aware of all the negative health implications.

The charity believes this is the first time research has found that lack of will power remains a barrier in such circumstances.

It is believed that being overweight leads to around 19,000 cases of cancer each year in the UK and Dr Harpal Kumar, the group's chief executive, said that unless the obesity epidemic is tackled cancer rates could soar.

"We understand that it can be extremely hard for people to maintain a healthy weight but keeping those extra pounds at bay could ultimately save your life," he added.

According to the latest Health Survey for England statistics, 62.8 per cent of people in the country are either overweight or obese.


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Cancer threat 'fails to aid weight loss for some'
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