Cancer survival rates 'rising'

Recent data has revealed that there has been an increase in one-year cancer survival rates over the past decade.

The information from the Office for National Statistics showed that the survival index for England has risen from 61.8 per cent in 1996 to 65 per cent in 2006.

Meg McArthur, senior policy and information officer at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, commented: "This is a positive trend that we would like to see continue.

"Specific to breast cancer, more women than ever in the UK are surviving thanks to increased awareness, better screening and more effective treatments."

Earlier his year, the World Cancer Research Fund suggested that around 5,500 breast cancer cases in the UK could be prevented by increasing the levels of moderate exercise people take.

Any exercise which was strenuous enough to make a person breath more deeply or their heart beat a bit faster was found to have an effect.

Ms McArthur noted that people have an improved chance of successful breast cancer treatment when the disease is discovered earlier. 


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Cancer survival rates 'rising'
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