Experts have offered advice on how people can feel healthier and improve the appearance of their skin by changing their diet.

Speaking to the Times of India, nutritionist Ricky Hay explained oats contain a lot of vitamin E, as well as complex carbohydrates, fibre and B vitamins. All of these are great anti-aging nutrients and can help to boost the production of new skin cells, thus keeping the complexion firm.

Those who want to strengthen their nails were advised to eat oily fish such as mackerel and salmon, as they contain vitamin D, while nutritionist Lorna Driver-Davies said the selenium found in bananas, chicken, cheese and Brazil nuts helps to keep hair shiny.

If people want to reduce the amount of cellulite they have, they may want to follow the advice of naturopath Max Tomlinson, who recommended easting avocados due to the fact they contain oleic acid.

"They also have a clever alkalising effect on the body that helps stop the breakdown of cells that make skin sag, as well prevent toxin build-up that can lead to cellulite,” he added.

While black and green tea – which contain zinc – were recommended to keep teeth and gums healthy, the vitamin B12 and lutein found in eggs are good for the eyes.


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