Calls for pancreatic cancer to be spotted early

Cancer treatment relating to one type of the disease is the subject of figures indicating the UK is lagging behind other nations.

Data on international pancreatic cancer survival rates published by Pancreatic Cancer UK have placed the country low down the list in terms of care in this area.

According to the organisation, incidents of the disease should be picked up earlier in order to enhance cancer treatment in the field and improve outcomes for patients.

The majority of people currently die within six months of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, with just three per cent of patients surviving for five years after learning they have it.

"We clearly have a long way to go before we can say with confidence that everyone diagnosed with pancreatic cancer has access to the best possible treatment and care available.," National Clinical Director for Cancer and End of Life Care Professor Sir Mike Richards commented.

Britons have also been urged to protect themselves against skin cancer by ensuring they apply sunscreen, after research indicated 90 per cent of UK adults have suffered from sunburn at some stage in their lives.


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Calls for pancreatic cancer to be spotted early
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