Brits risk forking out thousands in travel claims for the sake of £20

New statistics from Age Concern Insurance Services reveals that over 55s who don't take out travel insurance, which could cost as little as £19.20, are at risk of having to pay for travel claims costing thousands.

Age Concern Insurance Services is urging everyone travelling abroad to make sure they take out a travel insurance policy to ensure that they don't end up out of pocket should anything happen.

All too often the unexpected does happen.

Real claims include:

  • £117,000 for heart failure in the USA
  • £107,000 for a fractured spine in the States
  • £79,000 for a broken hip and wrist in Israel

These figures include medical expenses, repatriation costs, and cancellation and curtailment fees; all of which the holidaymaker would have been responsible for if they had not taken out suitable travel insurance.

Claim costs aren't any cheaper closer to home:

  • Treatment for a fractured hip in Spain £17,000
  • Kidney failure in Turkey £34,500
  • Catching pneumonia in Portugal  £22,500

Joe Young of Age Concern Insurance Services says: "Travellers may feel that travel insurance is an unnecessary expense. However our data clearly justifies the need for insurance, and highlights just how expensive it can be when something goes wrong on holiday. We want to remind everyone that they can protect themselves from all these potential costs by taking out comprehensive travel cover. It provides financial security and peace of mind just in case the holiday doesn't go to plan - for whatever reason.”

There are no upper age limits with Age Concern Travel Insurance.



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Brits risk forking out thousands in travel claims for the sake of £20
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